About Me

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I want to serve on the Chestertown Town Council because I think our Council should be an effective team, working together for the benefit of our citizens.  I’ve observed Council meetings in person and on television since I moved to Chestertown in 1999, and over the past few years I’ve become disappointed by the lack of collaboration among the current Council members.  I’m disappointed, too, by the lack of collaboration between the Council members and our hard-working and extremely competent Town Hall staff.

This lack of teamwork means the decision-making process has ground almost to a halt, and long delays make it hard for our business owners to make plans and progress.  We need a vibrant marketplace in our historic town, and it’s long past time to work together to make that happen.

I was trained as a scientist and spent most of my career building teams of experts from many countries and cultures.  Together, those teams set common goals and worked together on complex international research programs in the field of oceanography.  I believe I can bring these same team skills to the Chestertown Town Council.

During my 20 years as Executive Director of an international research organization, I developed teamwork, program development, administrative and financial oversight skills, all strengths that I will bring to the Council.  More recently, I’ve served as treasurer of several highly regarded organizations:  the Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation in Baltimore, the Chester River Chorale and the Garfield Center for the Arts.  Currently, I am treasurer of the National Music Festival and also serve on the Residents’ Finance Committee at Heron Point.

I am a listener.  I believe in hearing from people on all sides of an issue before making up my mind.  For instance, I would like the Town Council to create a quarterly forum for business owners so Council Members and citizens could consider their ideas for economic development.

Together, we can make our town a better place to live, work, shop and own a business.  While I believe we must preserve our historic townscape, I am sure we can use common sense, technology and creativity to attract more Washington College students and parents, cyclists, art and music lovers, history buffs and boaters to Chestertown.  And when they arrive, I want our downtown to be a friendlier place and our intersections to be safer for pedestrians and cyclists, and for parents with strollers and people who are disabled.

The 2013 municipal election is an opportunity for change, so we can build a Town Council that will move Chestertown forward.  That can only happen if we all exercise our right to vote. I hope to have your support at this critical time.